Municipal educational establishment of additional education of children

Youthful club of physical preparation "Protection"

on struggle JUDO and SAMBO-WRESTLING

Russia,  the Moscow area, Pushkino

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The club was open on the 1st of April, 1995

The founder of club is Nikolay Petrovich Popov

(in those days - the head of rural district administration of Pushkino)

Now days boys and girls first time come to the club since age of 4th

Pupils of the club on a regular basis take part in regional, national Russian and international tournaments on JUDO and SAMBO-WRESTLING.

The club has a huge collection of awards for high achievements in sport, propagation of children's sports and active participation in a sports life of the Pushkino area.

Trainings in the club continues during the all academic year. In summer time pupils of the club usually spend there time in sports camps near Moscow or at the Black Sea coast. Our sportsmen also can spend a winter vacation in improving camps

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Management of club:

Director - Popova Irina Evgenevna

Deputy director - Kiselyov Alexey Vasilevich


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